Guinea Gold Capital SA

Gold is one of the most interesting phenomena in our life, and in particular in the economy. The whole mankind history is closely connected with gold. For thousands of years, gold was the world money, forming the basis of monetary and financial relations between states. However, gold has also aesthetic qualities. And even a certain symbolism. Eventually, people have always identified wealth and power with gold. The works of art, palaces, temples and castles were adorned by gold, awards, emblems of power and weapons were made of gold.

But even those, who regard gold as an object of investment, and treat it with coolness, cannot but admit that, as before, and now, gold is the something like insurance for many investors. After all, the price of gold depends not only on the correlation of supply and demand, as for goods and commodities. Gold remains a defense against high inflation for most market players, a fall in the exchange rate of national currencies, economic disasters and political upheavals. As soon as the world begins to smell «fried», people buy gold. And at these moments they certainly do not think about the relationship between supply and demand.

Guinea Gold Capital is an affiliated company of Guinea Gold PLC. All registration documents can be found on the «Documents and Certificates» page. The company is created as a payment platform and is the exclusive agent – dealer of gold forwards and the gold exporter. The share capital fully payed by Guinea Gold Plc. All licenses and permits are obtained.

The presence of an exclusive dealer and exporter allows to centralize cash flows and get the most profit.